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Over the years,  ATLAS has formed close friendships with various other companies in both the TV and Film industry and in other sectors. Hover over the images below and follow the arrows to find out what services our friends can offer you (E&EO).

TV and Film Industry

Bucks Ear Wax Removal Clinic we specialise in removing troublesome ear wax using the micro suction technique.  The procedure is carried out by a fully qualified  and registered Audiologist with over 15 years experience in the field.

Michele is  a Sound Practitioner who plays a variety of instruments and rhythms which help to trigger the brainwaves connected with relaxation and meditative states, alpha and theta.

FIRST LINE FIRE SERVICES provide a complete fire safety service for Film and TV productions.

Media Safety Ltd has been delivering bespoke Health and Safety solutions to the film, entertainment and construction sectors since 2003.

UK based Supporting Artist talent agency.

Where Film & TV productions connect to buy and sell reusable assets.

Unique clothing company.

Craft Services in the film and television industry with over 12 years experience.

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