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Tasha has an appendectomy. This motivated her to become a nurse after wanting to look after the children in the ward​.

2001 - 2002

Tasha worked in various A&E departments in London, Bath and Bristol as an agency nurse.

A picture of Tasha working in an A&E deparment in 2001.

2002 - 2007

Through this agency, Tasha worked on multiple productions as both a Unit nurse and Construction nurse, as well as working in various London Theatres such as Royal Albert Hall and on on several music videos.

The official Casino Royale film poster.
The official The Good Night film poster.
The official Basic Instanct 2 film poster.
The official If Only film poster.
The official Die Another Day film poster.


Tasha started a family by welcoming the first of her three children in 2011, followed two more in 2015 and 2021!


Tasha worked on Fast and Furious 6 in Tenerife as 2nd Unit nurse.

The official Fast & Furious 6 film poster.
Tasha working on the set of Fast & Furious 6, checking medical supplies in a tent.

2018 - 2019

Tasha's ATLAS dream came alive in November 2018 when she and Shannon decided to start up ATLAS Medical services.

In 2019, the pair had recently returned from filming 'Men in Black International' in Morocco and decided that it was time to manage the medical teams that worked on film sets.


With their combined experience in the film industry, Tasha and Shannon knew the needs of productions and what type of medics were required to work alongside the crew.

The official Men in Black 3 film poster.
Tasha sat on a kart in Marrakech while filming Men in Black 3

2020 - 2023

Following the global pandemic, ATLAS begun COVID testing on multiple productions, maintaining the safety and well being of the crew, while continuing to also provide medics.

ATLAS provided testing and COVID safety measures on The Three Body Problem (Netflix), The Nevers (HBO), The Peripheral (Prime TV), Wicked Little Letters (Film 4)

The official The Peripheral TV series poster.
The official 3 Body Problem TV series poster.


ATLAS provide medics for 'Here' at Pinewood Studios, HBC's Surviving Earth, Amazon Prime TV's Rings of Power 2, and Beetle Juice 2 at Warner Bros Studios

Tasha takes sole control of Atlas Medical Services

The ATLAS Medical Service logo. A gold man kneeling down, holding up a cirlce containing a red medic symbol.

1996 -1997

Tasha completed with distinction a health and social care diploma (advanced). Nick joined the LAS (London Ambulance Service)


March 1998-2001

Tasha graduated in nursing from Swansea University


March 2001

Tasha began working at Ealing Hospital A&E for five years.


Alison, a close friend, introduced Tasha to the film industry and she begun working on various productions through an agency (thanks Mark!)


Nick started working in the Film and TV industry


Tasha was featured in 'Women’s Own' magazine about her work in the film industry.

2007 - 2011

Tasha became freelance and worked on productions such as Cassandra’s Dream, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, and more…

(Tasha also featured in The Deathly Hallows Part 2 as a Hogwarts Nurse!)

The official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 film poster.
Tasha dressed as a nurse on the set of Harry Potter.
The official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 film poster.
The official Cassandra's Dream film poster.


ATLAS Medical Services first two productions begin with 'The Nevers' and 'Emma'! Nick joins the team!

The official EMMA film poster.
The official The Nevers TV series poster.


The beginning of the ATLAS fleet with our first ambulances - Hatty, Letty, and Lucy!

The ATLAS ambulance fleet.
The ATLAS ambulance fleet.


Our fleet of vehicles grow with the stunning emergency response Land Rover, the emergency response BMW, and the Renault Twizzy. Our fleet of ambulances increases too!


The Twizzy was purchased as a sustainable on-site option and is great for transporting medical kits around studios quickly.

The Renault Twizzy - a small two-seat electric microcar. ATLAS uses this to transport equipment around film studios.
ATLAS's Landrover emergency response vehicle.
The ATLAS ambulance fleet and the BMW emergency repsonse vehicle..


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